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About us

Some words about us

For learning technical disciplines experimenting is essential. Conducting a high enough amount of real experiments of a high enough quality promotes our capability to learn and to master science. This is of great importance in both educational and technical scopes. In LabsLand, we offer you a global network of laboratories:

  • Allow students to multiply their experimentation, at any time and from any place, improving the learning experience.
  • Offer educational centers and companies a wide range of high-quality experiments, minimizing its costs and maximizing the potential of their students.
  • Add value to society through a collaborative platform for the improvement of practical training.

What are Remote Laboratories?

A remote laboratory is a software and hardware tool that allows students to remotely access real equipment located somewhere else: such as a university, school, or company. Students use this equipment as if they were in a hands-on lab session.

What do they offer?

More equipment

Access more laboratories than a single local institution could afford


Access anywhere, anytime


Do not worry about security or about breaking the equipment anymore


Retry as you wish. Forget setup and cleanup.

The LabsLand Network

An international network of Remote Labs

LabsLand aims to be the largest and most comprehensive network of Remote Laboratories. Some of the labs we offer are provided and maintained by us, but any person and any institution from around the world can also make their labs accessible through it.

  • Comprehensive - Aims to be the largest Remote Lab network in the world
  • International - Labs can be anywhere and be provided by any person and institution
  • High-quality - Labs are rated by users and supervised by LabsLand to ensure the highest quality of service
  • Affordable - Our goal is to make practical experimentation available to everyone

Join the network!

If you have a remote laboratory that you want to add to the network, you have a laboratory that you want to remotify or you have further questions about the benefits of joining us, give us your e-mail address and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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These are just some of them. More labs are available, and more labs are coming soon!
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Meet our team


LabsLand is active on research through the WebLab-Deusto research group in the University of Deusto. The research group has been working on the field for over 10 years.

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LabsLand is located in Bilbao. To contact us, feel free to leave us a message: